Permanent makeup for eyebrows has been a trend that continues to gain popularity year after year. With this increased demand for the perfect eyebrow has come an advancement in technique and style.

Eyebrows are not a one size fits all treatment. This is a classic case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some patients prefer permanent makeup that fills in any sparse areas of their eyebrows, but do not make their eyebrows appear thicker. Others prefer a bold eyebrow with a perfectly arched shape, while others have no eyebrows at all and turn to permanent makeup to give them the appearance of a natural looking eyebrow.

A very important part of your consultation with Ashley is determining the right style, shape, and color pigment will best compliment your natural features.

What style of permanent or semi-permanent eyebrows is right for me?

Microblading / Feathering is performed with a hand held tool that has a sharp blade that creates micro lines that can mimic hair. This style of semi-permanent eyebrows will require the most touchups to maintain it’s appearance. This is best suited for patients that have a lot of their own natural hair.⠀

Combination permanent eyebrows utilizes both the hair strokes technique and powder shading technique. This is the style most first time patients need for their desired result of fuller, natural looking permanent eyebrows.

Ombré uses the powder fill method where the pigment is lighter close to the nose and gradually gets darker toward the tail of the eyebrow.

Powder fill adds a dimensional look similar to pointillism art made with micro dots. This technique typically requires less touchups and is the best for coverups and patients that do not have much, if any, of their own natural hair.

We also offer Removal & Correction of previous permanent makeup. We utilize a proprietary blend that does not compromise the integrity of the hair, rather it purges the pigment from the skin. This typically requires multiple sessions of the removal process. Once the majority of the pigment has been eliminated, we can then go in with one of the techniques mentioned above and perfect your eyebrows.

When the proper style, shape, and color it utilized during the permanent and semi-permanent makeup application it can transform your entire face! Often times patients say their eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more youthful.

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