Ashley Swain of Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup Centers has been providing cosmetic and medically corrective Permanent Makeup services since 1995. She has educated some of the top professionals in micro-pigmentation and is honored to be a nationally recognized leader in the Permanent Makeup field serving South Florida with locations in both West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Florida.

One of Ashley’s most requested procedures by both men and women of all age ranges is permanent eyeliner. This is a quick and fairly comfortable procedure that results in eyelashes appearing thicker and allowing the eyes to become the focal point of your face appearing larger and brighter.

How does Permanent Eyeliner Work?

Permanent Eyeliner tattoo sit within or above the last line to give the appearance of brighter, more awake eyes and fuller eyelashes. Ashley Swain performs two styles of permanent eyeliner procedures: a traditional eyeliner tattoo and a lash line enhancement.

The traditional eyeliner tattoo is placed right above the lash line on the upper lashes, and just below the lash line of the lower lashes. Think of where you would typically apply you traditional eyeliner. The lash enhancement procedure is placed within the last line for a more subtle, natural look.

Often times patients say if they are not wearing additional makeup, the lash enhancement procedures just gives the appearance of fuller lashes.

Who is a good candidate for permanent eyeliner?

Permanent Eyeliner is an appropriate procedure for anyone who wants to enhance the appearance of their eyes and does not want to worry about traditional eyeliner smearing or running throughout the day.

Both women and men have benefited from permanent eyeliner. Patients of a wide age range also benefit from permanent eyeliner tattoos. Whether you have poor eye sight and an unsteady hand, are a busy professional who wants to save time during your morning routine, an allergy suffer who is tried of your watery eyes causing your eyeliner to run and smudge, or an athlete who wants to look your best no matter how sweaty you get, permanent eyeliner is a procedure you will benefit from!

Is Permanent Eyeliner applied to both top and bottom last lines?

During your complimentary consultation Ashley will discuss with you what style of permanent eyeliner will best compliment your natural features as well as match your aesthetic goals. Permanent eyeliner can be applied to either or both the upper and lower lash line. Each treatment is completely personalized to best enhance your individual features. This includes customized color pigmentation, shape, and liner thickness.

How long does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

To keep permanent eyeliner looking its best, treatments should be kept up with every year. Without consistent touch up treatments, the eyeliner can have a 10 year long muted look or dusted line but not defined. Metal dyes that are illegal in the United States have a longer lifespan, but can migrate and have complications with MRI’s and lasers. The pigment can also fade to undesirable colors. At Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup, only the safest and highest quality pigment is used.