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Permanent Makeup Lip Liner

Lips are often considered the main focal point when speaking. They add significant expression and enunciation to the delivery of speech. A person’s age, health, emotional status, and general attitude is judged by the appearance of the lips.

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Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

The Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Procedure beautifies and enhances the appearance of the eyes by implanting pigment between the lashes. The procedure not only results in the lashes appearing thicker, but the eyes look larger, becoming the focal point of the face.

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Areola Restoration

The Areola Restoration Procedure is an advanced permanent makeup procedure to correct the color, size and shape of the nipple. This procedure is often considered the last step after major breast related surgeries including, breast reduction, mastectomies, breast reconstruction, and breast implants.

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Corrective Procedure

Our corrective procedures are designed to correct botched permanent makeup or microblading application on eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and scars. We have the ability to reduce and remove pigment that has oxidized or darkened as a result of poor quality pigments.

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