Permanent Makeup Center Palm Beach

The staff at Ashley Swain has been serving clients in the cosmetic industry for the past 28 years, with a combination of specialties and expertise in the Medspa field. We have the knowledge and skills to serve your aesthetic needs.  The hospitality and service experience is brought to you with the highest standard of care.  Our team of specialists offer the latest in skin care and permanent makeup techniques.  Our services include, permanent makeup of the face and body, including eyebrowseyelinerlip blushingareola restorationtattoo correction and scar revision.

We offer a complete evaluation to determine your aesthetic needs.  Our estheticians are equipped to perform skin rejuvenating treatments and offer you a clinical aesthetic skin care regime to promote skin health from the inside out.  For your complimentary consultation, please call or text 561-295-8481.

Ashley Swain

Ashley Swain is a Master Permanent Makeup Artist and is the founder of Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa.  With more than 27 years of experience, Ashley has been providing cosmetic permanent makeup services, as well as medically corrective permanent makeup since 1995. She has excelled in educating top professionals in micro-pigmentation and is a renowned leader in the field.

Ashley has been a master trainer and spokesperson for major companies in the United States and Internationally such as, Nouveau Contour and Premier Pigments.  She was the master trainer for The Esthetic Skin Institute for almost a decade where she trained nurses, doctors, estheticians and permanent makeup artists how to use digital equipment.

Ashley has written multiple training curriculums and held training classes for many years.  She has held seminars on permanent makeup for many prominent organizations, including, The Cancer Society, The Dermatological Society, The Alopecia Foundation, and The Parkinson’s Foundation. She has been interviewed by local and international media such as, Gold Coast Magazine of South Florida, Vero Beach Magazine, Palm Beach Post, Boca News, Channel 7, “The Marsha Little John Show,” MTV’s “A Boca Bride Makeover” and most recently WPBF Channel 25.

Over the course of Ashley’s career, she has worked with renowned plastic surgeons and doctors, where she has gained years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics & medical skin care. Her success of running a permanent makeup practice and in-depth knowledge of medical aesthetics, have prepared her to lead the team at Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa.

Michelle Hoff

Michelle Hoff, ARNP is a Master Aesthetic Injector with over two decades of cosmetic injecting experience in South Florida.  She is recognized as a leading injector by Allergan and Galderma, that has shaped the future of cosmetics in the industry.  Michelle has been a leading trainer for the Esthetic Skin Institute with the expertise to train cosmetic doctors that are entering the world of injectables and fillers. With her passion for artistry, she has mastered the techniques and skill set to enhance your natural beauty and restore your youth. She has led teams of highly skilled aesthetic practitioners that include estheticians, laser technicians and aspiring injectors.  She has worked with the prestigious plastic surgeons Dr. Richard Edison and Charles Messa,III, MD, FACS  and is a renowned expert in the field.  Michelle is an amazing addition to our team at Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa.

Jennifer Carbone

Jennifer Carbone is the MedSpa Director at Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa with over 28 years of medical practice management and marketing experience. Jennifer has over 17 years of experience as a medical esthetician specializing in aesthetic skin care and services. She has a vast knowledge of medspa treatments and has had unique one-on-one physician guided training in every aspect of non-surgical medical aesthetics. Jennifer has had many years of training and managing teams of doctors, medical assistants, medical estheticians and surgical assistants. She has written office training guidelines and facial protocols for medical estheticians and medspa assistants for every aspect of a successful medspa business model. Jennifer has multifaceted experience in the industry with in-depth knowledge of skincare and certifications in laser treatments, radiofrequency devices, medical aesthetic treatments, nutritional therapies and anti-aging services. She continues to pursue excellence in the field and is member of the Esthetics Association of Florida.

Christina Borcherds

Christina Borcherds is the MedSpa Concierge at Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa and has been in the field of permanent makeup and medical aesthetics for over a decade. Her role at the center is to connect clients with their very own concierge and to help give a better understanding of every aspect of the process that will take place from start to end. Her knowledge of the industry contributes to the excellence in service provided at Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa. Her passion and care for people is portrayed through every interaction. Her expertise in the field will help you navigate the process of permanent makeup and medical aesthetics, as she is committed to the personalization of your journey.

Svetlana Krav

Svetlana is a graduate from Tomsk State University in Russia and received her Permanent Makeup Training from the Belyaev Academy of Eyebrows and the A&G Academy in Moscow. Svetlana has been performing permanent makeup artistry for over 5 years. Svetlana’s relentless pursuit for education and training led her to New York City, where she completed her studies in Business Administration. She continues her commitment to excellence by attending the Global Permanent Makeup Congress and the World Permanent Makeup Congress annually contributing to her success as a permanent makeup artist.

Svetlana’s unique consultation process allows her to help clients discover how to give depth to the eyes and lips. Her precise pre-measurements of the perfect brows during the consultation, gives each client a complete sense of clarity with the results that can be achieved under Lana’s skilled application of permanent makeup.

Svetlana is a perfect fit under the direction of Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup Centers, as she demonstrates her many talents and upholds the standard of permanent makeup application that has been perfected by Ashley Swain for the past 25 years.

Lena Jarborg

Lena C. Jarborg is a Master Permanent Makeup Artist and Medical Esthetician with over 17 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. Originally from Stockholm Sweden, she specializes in Permanent Cosmetic procedures to enhance the face and body. She also has extensive training and education in facial skin rejuvenation, including chemical Peels, microdermabrasion and cosmetic tattooing. She has trained both in Sweden and the United States and has worked with some of Florida’s leading Plastic Surgeons. In addition, her advanced training in permanent makeup, Lena specializes in areola restoration for post mastectomy patients. This specialized procedure improves the aesthetic appearance and scarring of the breast areola. Lena brings many years of expertise to the Ashley Swain Team and always strives to provide her clients with the highest level of treatments and skin education.

Haley Linca

Hailey Linca is a medical esthetician with almost a decade of medical spa experience. She specializes in medical esthetic body treatments that non surgically reduce inches around the waist and loosens fat on all areas of the body. Her knowledge and passion of body treatments allows us to offer the latest in non- surgical fat reduction. She is well educated in the latest skincare and medical spa treatments. Hailey is an talented part of the Ashley Swain Team.

Summer Radford

Summer Radford is a medical esthetician with over 20 years of experience in the spa and beauty industry. She is a graduate of The Euro Institute of Skin Care in Seattle, Washington and has spent many years as a skin care and facial educator. During her years as an educator, Summer has trained estheticians both nationally and internationally on clinical facial treatments such as, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, body treatments and on the latest in medical skin care. She specializes in makeup artistry, eyelash extensions, chemical peels, microneedling and the HydraFacial treatment. With her many years working in both medical spa and resort spas across the U.S., Summer’s multifaceted experience adds to the team of experts at Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa.

Dana Linden

Dana Linden, originally from New York, is a MedSpa Coordinator with Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa. She is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated many different businesses over the course of her career. She has always been involved industries where she has utilized her customer service skills and brings in-depth knowledge of how to run a successful business to the Ashley Swain MedSpa. As the MedSpa Coordinator, Dana pursues excellence in every interaction with our clients and is a phenomenal addition to the Ashley Swain Team.

Jessica Wacaster

Jessica is a MedSpa Coordinator with Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa and an aspiring permanent makeup artist. She has been working in the medical field for over 6 years. Jessica has experience in assisting patients with pre-operative and post-operative care as well as experience in the preparation of surgical procedures. Jessica has a love for permanent makeup and is dedicated to making every client feel happy and satisfied with their visit. She will be starting her permanent makeup apprenticeship very soon and we are very proud to have her on our team.

Whitney Stewart

Whitney Stewart is Licensed Massage Therapist with over 20 years of neuromuscular sports and orthopedic patient care experience. In addition, she is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with advanced certifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy, including bandaging for lymphedema. She has served on the Investigational Panel for Ethics and Standards Committee of the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Body work.

Whitney is a respected educator in the field of massage and has written multiple massage and soft tissue curriculums on tendinopathy and post-mastectomy reconstruction impairments following breast cancer. As a surviving breast cancer patient, Whitney is the perfect therapist for post-mastectomy soft tissue bodywork and lymphatic mobilization. We are proud to have Whitney as a therapist on our team at Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup & MedSpa.