Lips are often considered the main focal point when speaking. They add significant expression and enunciation to the delivery of speech. A person’s age, health, emotional status, and general attitude is judged by the appearance of the lips. Permanent makeup lip coloring can be used to significantly enhance the beauty and appearance of the lips by making them appear fuller, reducing inconsistencies in the lip contour and shape, improving the cupids bow, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area.

The Permanent Makeup Lip Color Procedure is becoming more common with all ages and demographics of women and men. Permanent makeup lip coloring is always a superior alternative to applied conventional lipstick since implanted color is always much more natural in appearance. Permanently applied lip color also eliminates “bleeding”; where regular lipstick “spreads” into the small periorbital lines (whether deep or superficial) that we all have around our lip borders.

The procedure not only enhances the color, contour and beauty of the lips, but also gives you confidence by eliminating the fear of smearing or the unexpected lipstick on front teeth. Permanent lip color is wonderful for the lipstick connoisseur because you can always enhance or change your permanent lip color with lipstick if desired, but still feel confident that you have you have the perfect color and shape without applying lip gloss.

Making Lips Appear Fuller using the Permanent Makeup Lip Procedure

The Permanent Makeup Lip Color Procedure can create the perception of fuller lips, without the need for painful and temporary collagen injections. People with thin upper and lower lips should always consider a Permanent Makeup Lip procedure before considering other more invasive options.

At Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup Centers PA, our Lip Procedures use slightly brighter permanent makeup pigment that will provide more color retention and makes lips seem naturally fuller. Softer more natural permanent makeup pigments, provides a more polished result for those who want definition and only a slight tint.

People who prefer an even stronger or more full, vibrant, “lipstick look” we recommend the full color permanent makeup lip treatment, combined with the application of clear lip gloss or even Vaseline. This combination offers a clean, defined and natural look that stands out like professionally applied makeup.

Correcting Inconsistencies With The Permanent Makeup Lip Procedure

One of the key benefits of the Permanent Makeup Lip Color Procedure is that it is able to enhance the lip definition by correcting the inconsistencies in the lip shape. Most lips have imperfections become more prominent with age. The lip procedure can permanently correct color imperfections, and even improves the lip shape by adding definition. These corrective procedures are becoming more and more common with men as well as women.

Enhancing the Cupids Bow with Permanent Makeup

The Permanent Makeup Lip Procedure can help to significantly enhance and improve the cupid bow (the peaks of the upper lip under each nostril). This area can either be too pointed, too flat, uneven, or just nonexistent.

Our technicians work with cupid bows and have produced dramatic improvements to the appearance and beauty of hundreds of clients. As with all procedures, Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup Centers provides a complimentary comprehensive Permanent Makeup consultation to determine each client’s perceptions and objectives when it comes to their appearance and beauty. Once the client’s objects are fully educated on the process, our team can create a treatment plan that can enhance the shape that is appropriate for the structure and shape of the face and lower orbital area.

Reducing Fine Lines around the Lips using the Permanent Makeup Lip Procedure

Fine lines around the lips are often key indicators that can dramatically contribute to the appearance of age. The Permanent Makeup Lip Procedure provide a significant improvement in your facial appearance by substantially reducing the visibility of fine lines. Working with clients that are seeking to achieve a reducing in lines is challenging and complex requires years of field experience to get it right. However, when done right, it produces youthful results making often you look years younger.

Permanent Lip Liner vs Full Lip Color

The technology and technique behind permanent makeup lip coloring has come a long way in the past 15 years. Historically, the micropigmentation of the lips was focused purely on lip lining. This procedure is still alive and well and offers a more subtle enhancement to the definition and beauty of the lips and mouth. However, with the development of more surgical digital permanent makeup devices, and the significant improvement pigment technology, full lip coloring is now more common place.

Color Selection for Permanent Makeup Lips

As with all permanent makeup procedures, color selection is a critical component that is often mishandled by less experienced technicians. The particular challenge is that color implanted in the skin will soften and change during the healing process. The final color is only apparent when the area has exfoliated and healed, something that can take over 2 – 3 weeks.

There is no one size fits all when selecting the right color for the Permanent Makeup Lip Procedure. Color is generally determined during the consultation, when each client’s hair color and skin tones are carefully examined from an artistic perspective. Often clients will be asked to bring in their favorite lip liners and lipstick or even a picture of them with their favorite look.

The Permanent Makeup Lip Procedure

Like most permanent makeup procedures, the Permanent Makeup Lip Procedure requires two visits. The first visit includes a comprehensive consultation where our team works with the client to understand his or her true objectives and perception regarding their beauty and appearance. During the consultation we will often review pictures and lip glosses provided by the client to gain a thorough understanding of the clients needs.

Following the consultation, the lips have anesthetic applied, either topically or through regional anesthetic blocks administered by trained medical professionals. The anesthetics used in the procedure ensure that the patient is kept completely comfortable and virtually pain free.

The selected pigment is then applied and the procedure takes approximately two hours. The initial lip tone obtained immediately after pigment implantation will fade over 6-8 weeks. After this period of time a touch up to sharpen the desired color can be performed.The second visit is scheduled 4 – 8 weeks after the initial procedure. The second procedure is focused on touching up the lips and adjusting the color to ensure perfect naturally defined results.